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Retail display & manufacture

We work effectively across a variety of materials, including cardboard, timber, metal, plastic and composites. We have offices around the globe
– from Melbourne to Sydney, to Shenzhen and Sacramento.

We always give 110% to not just meet your expectations but exceed them. We’re leading edge, highly innovative, detail-oriented and
solution-centric. We can make the impossible, possible.

What makes Popcorn different? Our proven process.

Get the brief right and success soon follows

We always try to meet our clients face to face, no matter where you are in the world, to gain a thorough understanding of your brand, your aims and what you really need.
First up, we collect all possible information we can from you about the project. So we can conduct detailed research into both your customer base and your marketplace.
A brief template is then completed (under our guidance) which we then enter into our internal management software. This is where the job begins in earnest and we can easily monitor and track its progress in a matter of seconds, from initial design to final delivery.

Design: where we transform your needs into eye-catching solutions

After we’ve digested the brief, we brainstorm with our entire design team. Sketches and ideas are produced and discussed until we’ve developed some exciting yet still practical design alternatives.

Once we have your buy-in on a particular direction, 3D designs are produced and presented in hard and electronic copies - with possible fly-by and structural animations.
This lets you see how the finished product is going to look and from there, we can move on to the actual prototyping.

A prototype lets you explore the design in ‘real life’ to ensure it’s production-ready

Once you’ve approved a design on our 3D software, we can quickly move forward to producing a full prototype for you.

This lets you experience a real example of the unit. Rather than produce acme cardboard mock-ups, we give you “the real McCoy.” This helps us foresee and solve any possible production issues before we hit the assembly line, saving you both time and money.

Once the prototype is approved, we are able to curtail any further development costs. And give you an accurate final quote for the production of each unit.

We’re always perfecting our production

Our hi-tech equipment and highly efficient production systems have given us one of the finest display production lines in the industry.
Always striving to improve our processes further, we spend many hours on each job finessing the production flow and coordinating all elements to ensure minimal double handling. This reduces your costs.

Our in-house production capabilities incorporate vacuum forming, acrylic fabrication, metal work, full cabinet making, print management, tooling, and a fully equipped assembly line.
For those clients who choose to manufacture in Asia, we also have staff in China who manage our offshore production.

Detailed logistics help us meet client deadlines

When it comes to getting products to places quickly and safely, we are really hands-on.
Our team travels Australia-wide and internationally to deliver displays with our own company trucks - or manage the freight and logistics on larger scale jobs.
We have strict quality controls in place to ensure all units are installed correctly in-store. Delivering on-time - and in one piece - is our number one priority and we strive to never miss a deadline.

Our factories provide more than 1500 square meters of space - with custom designed storage racking. We can also store displays on a longer-term basis at your request.